Real Estate Sales Petoskey

petoskey real estate sales agent

Selling houses is not just pushing a street sign in the lawn and sitting back waiting for offers.  

Even in a "hot" market your home might not be the perfect home for the buyers that are currently looking.

Most houses take time, dealing with offers, handling situations that arise, countering offers, changing listings, lots of marketing, changing marketing plans, changing images, word of mouth, and LOTS more.

Trish Hartwick will work with you to get the best offer for your house through the process.  She has dealt with almost every situation that will arise in her 20+ years of experience.

Trish continuously changes her marketing campaign to reach a variety of markets and people.

She will not just sit back and let your property market itself.

Trish has a team of professionals that will guide you through every step of the process.  It is a process and should not be taken lightly.

Call today to find out what you house is worth, list your home, or find a home that suits your needs.

Trish Hartwick 231-838-0411